Serena Bradde

Jan 23, 2020 / Alumni stories

I am an editor at the American Physical Society (APS), living in New York City.
It was a bit difficult in the beginning of the PhD: my colleagues and I had been assigned to small shared areas for the first few months. It was at the beginning of the courses and they hadn’t figured out yet where to put us… we felt a bit like unwanted young newcomers! Luckily, everything worked out in the end as we settled in.

Something that I immediately enjoyed in SISSA was the incredible number of academics visiting and giving talks and seminars at SISSA and ICTP. The environment was extremely intellectually stimulating.

How did I choose the path that led me where I am now? I think that where we end up is the result of a series of random choices, and this is something that we all go through. In my case, I feel that my professional career was a random walk but I made an effort to bias it. It was a combination of opportunities, chances and a lot of small decisions that brought me here: ultimately, being an editor wasn’t something that I have ever thought of… but I guess I am pretty good at it!

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