Collaboration with SISSA for School

As you may know, SISSA for Schools was originally created to introduce young students to the world of research, by letting them visit SISSA and interact directly with SISSA researchers. The program, started in 2013, has grown and evolved a lot since then especially thanks to the ideas and contributions of many of you, and over the years it has been requested by more and more school classes from all over the country.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, last year the program had to be quickly reinvented and was turned into a digital version named S4S – Digital edition, which will be continued at least until January 2021 although in a slightly different format: thanks to this, we SISSA Alumni will now have the opportunity to collaborate with SISSA for School!

If you want to be part of it, no matter if you participated in the SISSA for Schools program while at SISSA or not, you have two possibilities:

1. Participate in the S4S – Digital Edition program through a game.

2. Contribute to the S4S website with an interview.


Given that schools will not be able to visit SISSA at least for the first part of next year, the activities will be held in a different format: a person from Sissa Medialab will visit the school (if allowed), introduce SISSA and then engage the students in a game. This game is the part where you can step in! 

This is how the game works: There are four volunteers (three helpers + the speaker of the day), and you will play the role of a helper. 

  1. We introduce the descriptions of four research fields or job areas, without relating them directly to the four volunteers.  
  2. One volunteer briefly introduces herself / himself: name, origin and age.
  3. The students, collaborating, should associate the volunteer to the correct research subject / job area.
  4. If the association is correct, the volunteer briefly (1-2 minutes) complements the information about herself/himself.
  5. Go back to point 2 until all volunteers are introduced or all associations are made. The speaker of the day is introduced last.  

This interactive game, inspired by the game-show “Identity'”, will be played through a Zoom video call projected in the classroom. Obviously this is not the same as interacting face-to-face, however such an online activity will be made interactive with the help of the materials brought to class. The result will be a perfect mix between the classic version and the digital edition of S4S.

In the unfortunate event that a volunteer cannot take part in the event, a database of identities (name, origin, research area or job, etc..) to be used in the game will be prepared. If you want to participate in the game live and / or remotely, write to us! 


SISSA for Schools is working on a new version of its website. Among other things, the website will contain interviews of people who are currently working at SISSA and of people who have studied or worked at SISSA in the past. The aim is to show children and citizens the variety of job opportunities that can arise after a Ph.D. and make sure they understand the multitude of possible choices. If you are excited to tell your story, let us know!

We hope to hear from you, even just for greeting. If you would like to be updated about S4S and possible contributions to the program, please send us your present email address and we will keep you posted.

How to join? If you want to participate in one of these projects, or simply be updated about S4S and possible contributions to the program, please write to us and we will keep you posted. And of course, write to us for any doubts or other collaboration proposals!

Project Managers

  • Carmen FalconeCarmen Falcone
  • Antonio SciarappaAntonio Sciarappa