SISSA back to the future

SISSA is currently brainstorming its new strategic plan outlining the path for the years ahead. The governors set up a discussion forum for the community to post suggestions and debate new ideas. Both giant leaps and small steps are equally welcome.

The discussion has been organized into 5 areas: research, training, innovation (i.e. technology transfer and entrepreneurship), admin services, infrastructures.

We have been offered the opportunity to give our inputs and suggestions, having had the chance to compare SISSA with other working environments, both inside and outside academia, and to contribute to further develop our former school.

On behalf of the board I warmly invite all of you to submit any input or critique or insight that you could share before August 20, 2020.

The board of the Alumni Society will summarize all the inputs that we will receive in a way to make all of them anonymous, and post a summary on behalf of the alumni community in the forum.

To help kickstart your ideas we drafted some questions that we feel can be a good starting point for the first three topics. We feel that our contribution, having lived for a (long or short) period in the wild, should be focused at identifying and showcasing great best-in-class examples, and we draft our questions accordingly.