General Assembly 2020

Feb 12, 2020 / Highlights

SISSA Building

The next General Assembly will be held in Trieste on Saturday, April 4th.

The meeting will take place at SISSA and it will begin at 10:30 CEST, if a quorum will be present at the first call, or at 11:00 CEST otherwise.

The provisional agenda of the meeting is:
1. Report of the Board about the state of affairs and projects for 2020
2. Financial statement for 2019
3. Budget for 2020

All associates are very welcomed to attend, either in person or by remote connection (we will be using Skype For Business). Please note that in order to allow remote participants to vote, all the votes including the quorum roll call will be held electronically using the SISSA survey service (

Please note that all associates are required to be up to date with the membership fee in order to be eligible to vote. You may enquire about your payment status contacting the Treasurer (

We will circulate the link for participating the meeting remotely in due course. In addition, we will set up a test slot to make sure that the equipment of remote participants works properly with Skype For Business.

The Board will publish the draft resolutions for the assembly on February 24th, and associates will have time till 23:59 on March 6th, to propose amendments, alternate resolutions, or new items for the agenda (see article 5 of our Standing Rules).The final text of resolutions will be made available on March 9th.