Our Projects

Mar 31, 2020 / Highlights

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We have lot of ideas that are just waiting for being realized!

Join us and help us in making them a reality!

What have you done so far?

These are the projects we realized in the first year:

  1. The public part of the web site (https://alumni.sissa.it/), where you can find all you need to know about the Society;
  2. The bulletin, where each semester you can find interviews, articles and much more regarding Alumni all around the globe;
  3. Social media accounts to stay tuned in each possible way on what is going on with the Society:
    – Facebook page (link),
    – Linkedin profile (link),
    – Instagram profile (link),
    – Twitter profile (link)
  4. We created two Google groups (academy, industry) to share job openings (in collaboration with ILAS di SISSA).

Moreover, we did a lot of work behind the curtains: basically all the bureaucratic stuff needed in order to have the Society rolling properly.

The main challenge we had to face was that we had to work with a restricted budget, without external funding but coming only from the contributions of members (121 in the first year).

What projects do you have in mind for the next year?

We are glad that you asked! We have lots of ideas for projects for the forthcoming years. Here are some:

  1. The private part of the website, where each of you can:
    • Create a personal profile with your info
    • Get in contact with other members
    • Search for members living in a specific city or with a specific profile
    • Search in our database of job openings (shared with ILAS)
    • Access all the documents of the Society (budget, minutes of the meetings and assembly,…)
    • Read the bulletins
  2. A mentoring service for the members of the Society;
  3. A series of webinars;
  4. Local gatherings of members: the fist happened in Paris, a couple of weeks ago.
    We plan to extend this event also to other cities all around the world, so that Alumni living close by can get to know each other;
  5. The first meeting of the Alumni, where we can all gather together and share experiences and create a network of Alumni within both
    the academic and the industrial sector;
  6. A booklet to be distributed in schools in order to promote science (and SISSA) among youngster;

We are asking SISSA for:

  • Having access to events happening at the School (colloquia, public lectures): this means having seats reserved for the Alumni at the events, and having a live streaming accessible for members;
  • Have a discount for members in order to attend Master’s programs (High Performance Computing, Science Communication);
  • Have access to the virtual library.

If you have a project in mind, do not be shy and contact us!

Why joining?

Think about joining the Society as a medium term investment for yourself and as a long term investment on future generations of SISSA Alumni!

Some reasons to join:

  • if you are moving in a new city/country and you need help with anything, there is a member ready to help you!
  • if you need career support in academia and industry, are thinking about changing career and you need the advice of someone working in the field; if you are applying for a grant and you have no idea on what to do
  • mentoring service: it is always good to be able to talk with someone who can give you advice on your work path.