Tales from the afterSISSA – ed. 1/2020

This is the first edition of the Tales from the AfterSISSA that took place in spring 2020. Members can log in and watch the recording of the webinars.

Paola Catapano

Paola took us on an amazing journey around the North Pole, retracing the steps of her expedition PolarQuest2018 (website here).

If you want to know more on PolarQuest 2018 here are some useful links:

  • Trailer (video here)
  • Documentary (video here – You can find the password in the video – available to Members only)
  • In memory of Italia airship (video here)
  • Trailer Italian documentary (video here)
  • Documentary ‘A Nord di Capo Nord’ (video here)
  • Showreel drones Polarquest2018 (video here)

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Pasquale Siniscalco

Pasquale Siniscalco shared with us his experience that took him from being a PhD student in Mathematical Physics in SISSA, to the financial sector, and now to the world of art dealers (Siniscalco Arte, website here).

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Marco Brancaccio

Marco Brancaccio talked about his academic journey that led him to built his own research group and about the intriguing scientific questions he is addressing in his investigations.

If you want to know more about Marco’s research, please visit his website.

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