Tales from the afterSISSA – ed. 2/2020

This second edition of the Tales from the AfterSISSA that took place in the fall 2020. Members can log in and watch the recording of the webinars.

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Giulia Galli

Giulia shared with us her path from the days in SISSA to the current position in the USA.
She talked about the effect that her experience in SISSA had on her career and on her research on simulations of materials and molecules.

To know more about Giulia’s work have a look here.

Logged members can watch the video here.

Cristiano De Nobili

Cristiano is a theoretical particle physicist now working in the field of Artificial Intelligence, in particular using Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing.
By using lot of pictures, he talked about his time in SISSA and about his current projects.

Find out more about Cristiano’s works, have a look here.

Logged members can watch the video here.

Luca Capriotti

Luca shared with us his story, from a PhD in Physics to world of finance, where he did not loose touch with research. Indeed he is still active during his spare time and talked with us about the Adjoint Algorithmic Differentiation method that he implemented to speed up computations on hedge finance risk and that later were also used in simulations related to condensed matter.

Find more about Luca by visiting his website.

Logged members can watch the video here.